Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance

From the beginning, Wallis Agencies has specialized in insuring farms.  Our Farm Department has decades of experience insuring various types of farming operations.  We understand each farm is different and tailor a policy to match your needs.  We firmly believe in reviewing each farm policy at least once a year to adjust your policy to any changes that may have occurred throughout the year.  We’re happy to come to your farm to review your policy, not only for your convenience but to help us further understand your operation and what is important to you and your family.

Farm Insurance Products

Grain/Mixed Farms

Your insurance policy needs to adapt to keep up with all of the changes in technology and the Agricultural Sector.  Changes in Farm Machinery and values are never-ending, let us help provide you with the peace of mind your equipment is covered properly to replace in the event of a loss.  The cost of renting equipment after a loss can be staggering, we can help you assess how much loss of use coverage you may need on machinery.  We have several hail insurance companies that can protect your standing crop in the case of a major storm.  New coverage is now available to protect your overall revenue.  Contact us to find out more about protecting your farm.

Dairy Farms

We have vast experience in insuring dairy farms and have many proud dairy clients.  There is a wide array of risks to consider on a dairy farm, we have specialty solutions to cover you to ensure the longevity of your operation.  A few things to consider that we can provide coverage for are: Equipment Breakdown of expensive milking robotics, contaminated milk from a treated cow (covers the milk from your tank as well as in the milk truck should it contaminate others milk), loss of farm income in the event a loss occurs to your barn (increasingly important with the length of time it takes to rebuild), as well as mortality coverage in the event your herd contracts an illness.  Coverage is also available for farm buildings, farm machinery, haw/straw, feed, livestock, etc.  Contact us to set up an appointment to ensure your dairy operation is covered properly.

Potato Farms

Specialized equipment requires specialized insurance coverage.  We have worked extensively with our insurance company partners to ensure we have a product to fit your potato farm regardless of size.  Replacement cost reports are available for your potato storage buildings to ensure you have enough insurance coverage to rebuild in the case of a total loss.  Equipment breakdown coverage is available for expensive systems and electronics in your buildings.  We also have coverage available for irrigation equipment including pivots and well equipment.  Covering your potatoes while in storage is especially important, we can provide coverage for spoilage from numerous sources of losses.  Contact us to set up an appointment to show how we can tailor a policy to your potato operation.

Poultry Operations

Poultry Farms, especially Layer Operations are on the rise across the Country.  With this comes specialized risks to your farm.  We’ve experienced a substantial increase in rebuilding cost in Poultry Barns due to increased demand and new regulations requiring enriched cages.  Insuring your barn to value has become increasingly important to protect your operation in the event of a catastrophe.  At Wallis Agencies, we’ve invested in a rebuilding calculator to ensure your barn has adequate coverage to rebuild with today’s increased costs.  We also have coverage available for; Heat Prostration, Equipment Breakdown for expensive barn equipment, mortality coverage for your flock if a disease is contracted and the cost of cleanup, as well as extended Farm Income Replacement in the unfortunate event of a total loss to your barn.  Contact us for a free insurance evaluation of your operation.